FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How do I know when my Bike/Scooter needs service?

While the schedules differ for different Bike/Scooter makes, you should definitely think about a periodic service if:

a. You rode more than 2500 km since last service.
b. It’s been more than six months since your last service.

It will be the best if you follow the service schedule prescribed in the owner’s manual that comes along with your vehicle. If you don’t have it or lost it, don’t worry. Just call us and we will let you know the recommended schedule for your bike make.

2. Who will service my bike? Your own technicians or are these contracted mechanics?

We employ technicians who have worked in Authorized Service Stations in the past. These technicians are on our rolls and they will be the ones servicing your bike/scooter. They have been well trained in specific makes/models and we match the requirement with the technician’s experience. For example, for a Bajaj bike, we will send a technician who has been working on Bajaj bikes in the past.

3. How do you select your technicians?

These technicians have been handpicked after a rigorous selection process. All our technicians have worked in an Authorized Service Station in the past. We keep evaluating the performance of our technicians periodically and retrain them as required.

4. What does Bike Service @ Doorstep mean?

We keep you, dear 2-wheeler owner, at the centre of all that we do. So we work at YOUR convenience. Which means, rather than you having to bring your bike/scooter to our workshop, we send our technicians to where your bike is. And the service is carried out there itself. Our technicians carry basic servicing tools and spares for the same. In cases, where we are not carrying a part required to complete the service, we come back and finish the job.

5. How can you carry everything that may be required for my bike?

When you make the booking with us, we call you before coming to understand the problems with the bike, if any. Based on the information provided by you, we carry the necessary parts. But we understand, during service, few more spares may be required. In case we do not have them there, we come back and finish the service.

6. Do you mean you will be able to do everything at my doorstep?

No. That is not possible. We do Regular service at your doorstep. We are also able to do minor repair work at your doorstep. However, if the bike needs major repair such as engine overhaul, then we bring the bike to the workshop. But worry not, bringing your bike to our workshop is our headache and we will tell you upfront about the charges for pick & drop, if any.

7. What is the difference between your visiting charges and regular service charges?

Visiting charges are meant to cover minor activities such as inspection, cleaning of spark plug, checking the wiring etc. Basically, anything that can be done within 30-45 minutes. Regular service charges refer to the labor charges for full service carried out.

8. How do I know if the parts you bring are genuine?

Our technicians carry sealed parts (sealed cans, in case of oil) and they open the seal in front of you. These parts are supplied through our central materials team which monitors the sourcing of spares rigorously. If you are still not satisfied, feel free to call us and we will make sure that the issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

9. What grade and brand of Engine Oil do you use?

We stick to the grade specified by the OEM. Normally, we use Motul or Elf (by Total) brands for our bikes/scooter. However, in case you want a specific grade or brand for the Engine Oil, do let us know at the time of booking. We are happy to do bring the same provided its available in the open market.

10. What are the payment options?

You can pay cash to our technicians or pay us online through credit/debit cards, e-wallets and NEFT/IMPS.

11. How do I give my feedback on the Service completed?

We make sure that we capture your feedback after the service is completed. You can also go to our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/z00mwheels) and provide your comments on our wall. We read them religiously and look forward to hearing from you.

12. What do I do if I don’t find my bike in your search option?

We have tried our best to be comprehensive in our Bike/Scooter search menu. However, in case you don’t find your beloved bike in our search menu, please write to us (contact@zoomwheels.com) and we will sort it out.

13. Why are the service charges different for bigger bikes?

Bigger bikes need additional time for service. Sometimes we also need to carry special equipment for servicing these bikes. Hence we need to charge differently for such bigger bikes. It doesn’t mean we don’t love these beauties. :)

14. What are your charges for Regular Service?

Our charges for Regular service are comprised of two parts: Labor charges + Material at MRP. The labor charges are mentioned on bike service booking page (http://www.zoomwheels.in/contact/). In Regular service, typically, Engine Oil gets replaced while the repair / replacement of rest of the spares (brakes, air filter, oil filter etc.)depends on the condition of the parts.

15. My bike is not starting. What would be your charges?

There could be multiple reasons for the bike not starting. Issues could range from a simple Spark Plug to Carburettor blockage to Electrical faults. Hence, it is quite difficult to give an estimate without inspection. In such cases, we prefer to check the bike to find the exact issue and visiting charges apply for such visits.

16. My bike needs running repairs. What would be your charges?

In case of running repairs, we would be able to provide estimate only after we have assessed the problem. In such cases, we prefer to check the bike to find the exact issue. In these cases, visiting charges are applicable.

17. What bike makes / models do you service?

We service the following bikes and makes: Hero, Honda, Bajaj, TVS, Yamaha, Suzuki, Royal Enfield, Mahindra, Vespa, KTM. We still haven't started servicing the big boys (Harleys, BMWs and Triumphs) but soon we will get these :)

18. Do you pick up bike for servicing?

No, we provide Doorstep bike servicing. By this we mean that we send our technician with tools and material to carry out the service at your place (office or home). We bring the bike to our workshop only in case the work contains elements that can’t be done at the doorstep (such as engine / clutch /shocker work).

19. Do you accept online payment?

Yes. Absolutely. We are pretty sold out on Digital and want to accept Online Payment only. You can pay us through various online means such as PayTM, NEFT, Online credit card payment link, IMPS. Please call us if you are facing any issues with payment and we will figure something out.

20. I didn’t find my area in the dropdown while booking for service at your website?

That's probably because we are yet not serving that area. We are slowly and steadily expanding our operations and rest assured if we do not service your area today, very soon we will. Please do call us if you still want our services, we will see if anything can be done.